Does your workplace have a need for overhead paging or other sound solutions? From simple sound masking to overhead paging for factories and warehouses, BCS has a solution for you.


Our overhead paging systems are traditionally designed for in-building daily paging communications and emergency voice notifications. Our solutions are flexible, offering the ability to add multiple indoor/outdoor zones to provide the flexibility of paging multiple buildings, single building, a selected zone or even a specific PA speaker individually. Oftentimes, our systems can provide security and key personnel with instant silent, digital messaging during emergency situations, and interface with local fire alarm, building automation and security systems.


If you work in an office environment where noise reduction or sound masking is needed, we offer leading-edge products to accommodate those needs.


Our Overhead Paging & Sound Solutions include:

  • Overhead Paging & Sound
  • Sound Masking – White Noise
  • Emergency Evacuation Systems
  • Multiple Site & Campus-wide Sound & Paging