Business Communications Solutions (BCS) was founded by Jason Buchanan in 2001 in Evansville, Indiana. Since that time, we have become a leading provider of Communication, access, security and technology products for businesses in the Tri-State area.


What Makes Us Better
We believe that our success lies in providing great products and services to our clients. Leading-edge technology is combined with honest, hard-working, qualified personnel to provide outstanding results for our clients.


While some companies “dabble” in various services, our approach is different. We won’t offer it unless we are 100% committed and proficient. If we sell it, we support it. We believe in providing awesome solutions back by fully developed sales and support personnel.


Continuing education and learning provides BCS with an expertise that leads us to excel… to push forward for and with our clients. We are continually evolving and growing to meet the ever-changing needs of our marketplace. We employ IN-HOUSE staff that have the knowledge and experience to get it done for our clients.


Corporate Headquarters & Technology Center
It became clear that as our client base grew, so did the need to have a home base that could accommodate the changing needs of our operations. As a result of this growth, BCS now occupies a state-of-the-art corporate headquarters and technology center that allows us to provide an even higher level of service for our customers. Increased and improved inventory management is combined with leading-edge dispatch and service personnel. The result? Simple. Some of the highest customer satisfaction rates and quickest service dispatch times in the region.

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